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Quiz at Class makes your class more interactive and easy. Easily create quiz and start collecting your students answers.
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Everything you need to quiz your students, all in one place.

By sending quizzes to your students’ phones, you tap straight into their comfort zones. No longer will they be distracted by technology! Instead, their devices become tool to regain their focus and interest, and engage them more deeply with class material.


The way students interact with information is changing …

… And their brains are changing with them.
In today’s age of remote access, toddlers to teens are starting to use their phones & tablets to learn about the world. As their brains rewire and change, our education system must change too, to fit this new brain structure. QuizAtClass helps them learn the skills they need – to navigate the world that they’ll soon be creating.

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Get our app today on Google Play and IOS app store.

Quiz at Class is currently available on Android and IOS devices, and we’re working hard to make it available on other platforms!  


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